About The Experience Collaborative

The Experience Collaborative is a group of Master’s and Doctoral level university faculty/educators, mental health administrators, and experiential education practitioners who have common threads in leadership development, organizational change, and outdoor adventure programming at the field staff and administrative levels.

Our Mission

The Experience Collaborative supports organizations to build lasting co-created learning and leading environments for their participants and clients through evidence-based consultation, training, and programming.

Our Vision

Experiential Learning

Our Vision

The Experience Collaborative utilizes a unique balance of practical application of evidence-informed research, models, and theories to intentionally build upon our clients’ unique strengths and experience. This helps us all foster growth and multi-generational connections for customers, students, and staff within their own personal, professional, local, and global communities.


Integrity: We only accept projects for which we know we can provide positive value. If we cannot do something exceptionally well, we refer our client to someone who can.

Inclusion: We promote inclusion in educational, political, conversational, generational, social justice, and environmental dimensions.

Respectful partnerships: We enjoy co-creating attainable goals with our clients, as we expand their strengths to achieve positive results. We are honest about what to expect from us. We provide follow-up with our clients to sustain their desired outcomes.

Balance, success, and joy: The Experience Collaborative team and clients are engaging in our professions to bring expansions of meaning, joy, and energy to their participants, staff, and stakeholders.

Apply learning and evidence: We support outdoor/ experiential/ therapeutic / adventure education programs, as well as companies and community organizations, to close the gaps regarding the application of current evidence-informed theories, models, and research to sustainable transfer of learning from urban and backcountry adventures to participants’ life experiences.