Enhancing Your Strengths Through Experiential Consulting & Training

Experiential Consulting & Training

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We work with experiential programs, as well as businesses, non-profits, schools, colleges, and community organizations to maximize outcomes for their clients. We support you in creating and implementing new offerings, updating interactive staff development initiatives, and staying on track with inclusive, engaging leadership and facilitation strategies. All with an emphasis on keeping things creative and enjoyable.


How We Can Support You

We provide a unique balance of practical application of evidence-informed research, models, and theories, to intentionally build upon our your strengths and experience. This helps us all foster growth and multi-generational connections for clients, customers, students, and staff within their own personal, professional, local, and global communities.


We help build on your organizational strengths

You will benefit through practical, implementable solutions based on evidence-informed research, models, and theories, that intentionally build upon your organization’s strengths and experience to maximize…

  • The use of high-impact learning strategies that are student/client-centered, project-based, experiential, and collaborative

  • Student and client transfer of learning from adventure to life beyond

  • Achievement of client / student learning and social-emotional outcomes
  • Participant safety through current risk management practices

  • Program quality and reputation through accreditation preparation

  • Policies and procedures that are connected to program outcomes

  • New program implementation for healthy organizational growth

Designed to help field and supervisory staff achieve their very best​


We provide training for staff of all sizes as well as individual mentoring/coaching that supports field and supervisory staff. Examples might include supporting staff to…

  • Lead backcountry trips as well as site-based adventures

  • Maximize their leadership effectiveness with varying group development levels and evolving situations

  • Effectively sequence activities and experiences

  • Assist participants in experientially connecting with nature, wellness, and applying adventure to broader dimensions of sustaining meaning and joy
  • Teach actively and experientially in the outdoors

  • Use advanced active facilitation strategies to promote lasting transfer of learning back to home / work /or school

  • Apply adventure to academics for students

  • Mange conflict respectfully

  • Achieve additional program outcomes

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To assist your organization with experiential design

We partner with programs to design programming that supports participants in experientially connecting with nature, wellness, and applying adventure to broader dimensions of sustaining joy and meaning

  • Resilience and renewal from Covid to community

  • College outdoor orientation programs for student connections, persistence, and academic success

  • Mindfulness and nature for learning, leadership, and life

  • “Go with the flow,” canoeing and sea kayaking for centering and mindfulness
  • Nature and adventure for healing from death loss

  • Ageing to sageing for active seniors

  • Therapeutic and preventative programming

  • and other topics relevant to your clients and students

To connect your team, accomplish your goals, and have fun doing it


We can facilitate your in-person or virtual meetings. We provide satisfying, engaging, interactive meeting facilitation that encourages individual participation and a group commitment to meaningful results. Or, we can train your team to do this. Your meetings can support your intended outcomes through…

  • Meeting facilitation grounded in your organization’s strengths and successes

  • Methods of inclusion that brings all voices and decision-making styles to the meeting and promotes equitable engagement
  • Respectful partnership that involves supporting you as co-facilitators and participants in all meetings

  • Evidence-informed practices to support your effective and replicable meeting experience.